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What's has been offering its users a top of the range file hosting and sharing service since 2010. Millions of satisfied customers use every day their service to store files of all sizes, either as a back-up or to share them with friends.
Their servers are strategically positioned on central traffic internet exchange points to guarantee you the best possible upload and download speeds.

Online users are normally attracted to something that is free. Rapidgator offers its users free storage space. This means that people no longer have to pay high amounts of money in order to find some amazing storage space online. The free storage feature is what makes people keep on coming back for more. Many people have posted reviews on forums and blogs in reference to the type of services provided by Rapidgator. Even from the name of the company, it is easy to learn that they actually provide fast downloads and uploads on their file storage system.

To keep as many clients coming back for more services, Rapidgator assures people about the type of security they can enjoy from using the services provided by the company. The data stored by any user is well protected behind a number of firewalls. These firewalls are regularly updated to ensure that the hackers are kept out of the system. Does Rapidgator have a backup offsite place? Yes, Rapidgator wants to make sure that people have confidence that their data is safe. The data is regularly send to a backup server. This means that people can always still access their data in the event of a disaster.

Anyway, free account is also limited, to access the full features, let's buy Rapidgator Premium Coupon from Rapidgator PayPal Reseller to upgrade your account to premium, then you get the following features:

  • Download speed with no limits
  • Unlimited simultaneous downloads
  • No queues for file download
  • No ads
  • Download files up to 5 Gigabytes
  • Ease of use

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